Building Faith on Rock vs Building Faith on Sand

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Reflection on Matthew 7:21-27

People who build their house on sand claim to know who Jesus is. They cry out to him, ‘Lord, Lord’ and perform works, and even miracles in His name. However, the truth is that they are people who do not know Him at all! Why might this be?
The scriptures teach us that each of us is made in God’s image and likeness. This means that in seeing the face of another human being we see the face of God. In each other we see God, or at least we should. Therefore in each other, we begin to know God, to Love God, or at least we should.
In the gospel, Jesus is very harsh on those He accuses of building their faith on Sand. Why? Because they were the ones who appeared to be very religious and placed their spiritual superiority on the ability to work spectacular deeds which fooled people into believing they were close to God. Jesus finds them guilty of having put their own agenda, holy and well-meaning as it may have been, before the will of God. They show only shallow love. They boast of knowing God, being close to Him yet their hearts are far from Him. And in being far from God their hearts are far from others in whose faces they fail to see God.
Jesus’ challenge to us is to take His works seriously. He calls us to build our houses on rock; with Him as a solid foundation. It’s all too easy to build faith on sand, as Jesus warns us. His focus is on the doing. It’s not enough to hear the word of God, one must ‘do it’ or put it into practice in life. To see the face of God in others is to truly love them in God. This is not always easy but Jesus insists we must and promises that His grace is always sufficient.
This sacred season of Lent offers us an opportunity to pause and take time to examine our lives in the hope of a genuine personal renewal. Forget about giving up candy for Lent. Let us take upon ourselves a ‘doing’ of the Gospel in vowing to see the face of God in someone we dislike or are angry with. Only by doing these kind of things can we be confident our faith is built on rock. Father David +