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The flowers on the altar, Sunday, June 17th, were given to the glory of God and in honor and remembrance of all fathers by the Episcopal Church Women.


‘THANK YOU’ David Heinzman, Jr. for being our guest organist today.  What a wonderful way to honor your father on father’s day, and how fortunate St. Stephens is to have your father as a member!!


There was a beautiful reception for Jacob Wells, recipient of the “Andrew Brooks Memorial -St. Stephen’s Scholarship” today after Sunday service.  Congratulations Jacob!   Thank you Faye Brown and Ginny Powers for all your hard work in the preparations.   


Father David will be in the office, Wednesday, June 20th from 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm and Thursday, June 21st. from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon.


Wednesday, June 21st.  Evening prayer service – 6:30 pm

                                   Vestry meeting – 7:00 pm
Greta Crayton is trying to schedule a trip back to  the “Falcon Children Home”.  When the date is established, she will post it on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall and make an announcement during church.  It will not be before the last week in June, but she is trying for June 30 if possible.


The ‘Bridal Shower’ for Meredith Pope and Michael Fychok will be next Sunday, June 24th, from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm upstairs in the Parish Hall.  The ladies of the church are invited.  The shower is given by Nina Maynard, Sarah Wells, Kitty Heinzman, Diane Lanier, and Janice Medlin.  (Meredith and Michael are registered at Belks, Macy and Target)


Many an excellent man is tempted to forget that the best offering he can make to his children is himself. – Henry Newman

Happy Father’s Day!