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The flowers on the altar, Sunday, June 24th, were given to the glory of God and in remembrance of their mothers Gladys Latta and Mary Lee by Jerry and Sheila Latta.

The ‘Bridal Shower’ for Meredith Pope and Michael Fychok will be today, June 24th, from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm upstairs in the Parish Hall.  The ladies of the church are invited.


Thank you to Martha and Dale Wilson for the music during today’s service.


The Grace Chapel Food Bank continues to thank St. Stephen’s for our generosity in providing much needed assistance in feeding the needy people of this area.  Shopping bags are now available in the narthex.  We ask you to remove food items for your plastic bags and place them in the shopping bags..   


Father David will be in the office, Wednesday, June 27th from 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm and Thursday, June 28th. from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon.


Wednesday, June 21st.  Evening prayer service – 6:30 pm
The “ECW” will meet 1:00 pm on Thursday, June 28th at the Parish House to start working on pickles.  Work will continue on Friday, June 29th.  Tuesday, July 3rd, the squash pickles will be made.  Help is needed!  If you can not come to work, sugar is the only thing item needed at this time.


 ”If you make children happy now, you will make them happy twenty years hence by the memory of it.” – Kate Douglas Wiggin