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St. Stephen’s ECW met Monday, January 28th at the Fellowship Hall at 6:00 pm.  Grace Zyla presided and there were 11 members present.
Upcoming  Events:
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper – February 12th - 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm.
Maundy Thursday – Seder Meal – March 28th – Sarah Wells Chairperson & Volunteers -Covered Dish Meal
St. Patrick’s Day Lunch – March 17th – Susan Stephen Chairperson
Cinco de Mayo Lunch – May 5th – Sarah Wells & Kelly Strickland Chairpersons
Pickle Making – June/July – Date to be announced later
St. Stephen’s Anniversary Cold Plate Lunch – August – date to be announced later – Ginny Powers Chairperson
Italian Lunch – date to be announced later – Clea Gallian & Grace Zyla Chairpersons
Food Fair & Quilt Raffle- November 9th – Jenny Sills Chairperson
December Cookie Exchange – date to be announced later
The General Officers for 2013:
President – Grace Zyla
Vice President/Devotional Chairperson – Clea Gallian
Secretary – Linda McKenzie
Treasure – Ginny Powers
UTO Custodian – Allison Crumpler
CPC Custodian – Faye Brown
Altar Guild Chairperson – Sandra Joseph
Supply Chairperson – Susan Stephens
Operation Christmas Child – Heather Honeycutt
Sick & Cheer Chairpersons – Clea Gallian
Bereavement – Diane Lanier & Peggy Royal
Daughters of the King President – Clea Gallian
Campbell Soup Labels Chairperson – Kitty Heinzman
Education Labels (Box Tops ) – Kathy Tuttle
Grace Chapel Food Pantry – Greta Crayton
2013 Wednesday Evening Lenten Meal Committees:
February 20th:  Group 1 – Diane Lanier - Chairperson
                       Sarah Wells, Clea Gallian, Linda McKenzie, Kelly Strickland, Oralee Adams, Karen Dapuyen, Shelia Latta.
February 27:   Group 2 – Nina Maynard – Chairperson
                      Cindy Strickland, Margaret Taylor, Barbara Nicholl, Kathy Tuttle, Margarete Yarrick, Heather Honeycutt, Jean Benson, Mindy Martin.
March 6th:  Group 3 – Ginny Powers - Chairperson
                  Allison Crumpler, Sandra Joseph, Faye Brown, Greta Crayton, Sally Doyle, Sarah Padrazas, Emma Adkison.
March 13th:  Group 4 – Peggy Royal - Chairperson
                    Mary Speer, Eunice McLaurin, Lisa Pope, Grace Zyla, Lisa Williams, Meredith Fychok, Ginnie Boudreau, Charlotte Moore.
March 20th:  Group 5 – Susan Stephens – Chairperson
                    Jenny Sills, Kitty Heinzman, Pam Tuohey, Pam Gibbons, Nancy Silvers, Jane Hawley, Dotty Holley.

Each group will be responsible for soup, sandwiches, beverages, fruit or cookies, and ice.  The plates, trash bags, cups, utensils, table covers and napkins are in the supply room.