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Sunday, June 2nd:
The flowers on the altar for the service were given to the glory of God and in celebration of their upcoming anniversary by Tom and Clea Gallian.

A big ‘thank you’ to Dale and Martha Wilson for providing the music Sunday 26th in Mark’s absence.

The ‘Children’s Eucharist’ lead by Oralee Adams was enjoyed by all.  What a wonderful way to bring the children closer to God!
Both the Children and Adult Sunday School classes have finished and will resume in the fall.  Thank you to all who gave their time and talent to teach these classes.

Our summer schedule will begin next Sunday, June 9th and continue through August 25th.  Eucharist will be celebrated at 10:00 am.

The ‘Men’s Fellowship’ cooked a WONDERFUL breakfast for the ladies.  The food was excellent, the flowers beautiful and the ‘thought’ touched our hearts.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Monday, June 3rd – 5:30 pm – Church doors will be open for quiet prayer time.  Everyone is welcome.
6:00 pm – “Daughters of the King” meeting.

Wednesday, June 5th - Father David will be in the office from 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm.

Wednesday, June 5th - 6:30 pm – Evening Prayer 

Thursday, June 6th - Father David will be in the office from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon. 

Saturday, June 15th is the date of the ‘Falcon Children’s Home Outreach’.  Dale Wilson is chairperson and can be reached at (919)-894-1443.   A sign-up sheet will be posted for those who are going to help with the planting plots.  There will be a ‘hot dog & chips’ lunch for those attending.  Please sign your name for a correct head count. 

The “ECW” meet this morning after the ‘Women’s Breakfast’.  Ginny Powers and Faye Brown will be organizing the making of the ‘squash pickles’ and ‘pickles’ for the month of June.  The work dates,  sign-up sheet for the list of items needed, and a sign up sheet for those who will help in the making of the pickles will be posted on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall. 

August 18th – St. Stephen’s Anniversary – Cold Plate Luncheon – chairperson, Ginny Powers

September 22nd – Annual Church Picnic – Vestry

October 6th – Italian Luncheon – chairperson, Clea Gallian

November 9th – “ECW” Food Fair – chairperson, Jenny Sills

December ? – Cookie Extravaganza

December 15th - Bishop’s annual visit – Pot-Luck Luncheon.