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The tradition of the “Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols” was established in England – as the adaptation of an earlier service – on Christmas Eve 1918, in the chapel of King’s College, Cambridge University, for the university community and for the City of Cambridge.  The King’s College service was first broadcast by radio in 1928; and excepting the year 1930, these broadcasts have continued to this day.  This wonderful tradition has been duplicated in cathedrals and churches throughout America.

“The Advent Service of Lessons and Carols” tonight was spiritually moving.  Donnie Pope, Grace Zyla, David Heinzman, Oralee Adams, Mary Speer, Kathy Tuttle and Tony Adams did outstanding readings of the Lessons.  Organist, Mark Gibbons and the Choir filled the church with heavenly music with the carols.  Frank, Jennifer, Laney, and Ava Trainer and Greta Crayton had put the lights on the tree.  John Todd, Grace Zyla, Ginny Powers, and Faye Brown had decorated the tree and it is beautiful.  Lisa and Donnie Pope even provided refreshments afterwards.  Donnie, you did a wonderful job making this event happen.  St. Stephen’s is truly blessed!   Thank you each and everyone for giving your time, work and talents.

The “Daughters of the King” stayed after service tonight and sorted the cards for the ‘Christmas Card Exchange”.  They are in alphabetical order with rubber bands around them, on the four tables on the right-hand side, upstairs of the Parish Hall.  You are welcome to go up anytime to get yours.