Daily Gospel

MAY 18, 2020 MONDAY

We feel the Beloved’s presence, like a mysterious caress in the darkness. God is present within us, but we do not see him. — by Ernesto Cardenal

Dear Church Family,

Today, a short spiritual thought from Ernesto Cardenal. I invite you to memorize and carry it within you today. Fr. Cardenal was a Nicaraguan, Jesuit priest and poet, who died earlier this year.

We have seasons in our prayer lives, times when God feels close, or God feels absent. When I focus on a thought or saying, to carry with me through the day, I more likely to experience divine presence, more aware of God’s love that envelopes me.

In these days of uncertainty, uneasiness, deep divisions among us — stay in place at home, risk moving about, I need a prayer reminder to center me in things above, so as to live more fully and with peace in this present realm.

Today, join me, in looking, listening, feeling God’s presence. Feel the divine mystery reaching to touch and hold you. Where do you see beauty? Are flowers in your yard? On a walk around your yard or neighborhood, what do you see that reminds you of God’s presence touching you? I see art that a little girl down the street drew in chalk on the walk to their front door. Her father was sweeping the walk the other day. I told him Sophia wouldn’t be happy if he swept her art away. He laughed. He tells me she drew it to thank the delivery people who come to their door right now. The Beloved’s presence — in a child’s gift of love, the love of parents who teach and guide their children in ways of kindness and compassion for others. As her dad and I smiled and laughed — a mysterious caress of joy and light touched me and lifted my spirits with hope for this world.

“God is present within us, but we do not see him.” We see through our physical eyes. Through the deeper lens of our spiritual eyes, we become aware God is present always. God is present within. We see his presence as a gift of that mystery, the Spirit.

As you go about your Monday, rejoice in the grace and baffling mystery of God’s love for you. Be on the lookout for ways you notice that mystery caressing you.

In God’s love that holds us, Fr. Steve  
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