Daily Gospel

MAY 22, 2020 FRIDAY

You keep insisting, I feel good because the world is right! Wrong! The world is right because I feel good. That’s what all the mystics are saying. 
— Awareness by Anthony de Mello


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Years ago I was introduced to the writings of Anthony de Mello, a Jesuit who was born in India. He brought the best of two spiritual worlds together.

Reading the above quote from Awareness caught my attention. What happens if we adhere to the first sentence? We are in a time when the world doesn’t feel right. Is the world good, or a dark and fearful place for you right now? How are you feeling these days? Is what’s outside you shaping how you feel?

To see the world differently, as being right, what would that take? What helps you feel good?

For the world to be right before you feel good, you may have a long wait ahead. If you find and hold onto what is good, God’s love for you – and let that fill you — to know nothing can separate you from that, the world will look quite a bit different.

You can’t wait for the world to feel right to feel good. That’s why I encourage us to take time each day to re-center in the one in whom we find goodness and love that never fails. From that center, God, you begin to see yourself, others, and the world is right, not perfect. Centering in God might help you notice what’s right and gives you life, not what’s wrong and steals life.

Find a place where you can be alone. Invite the God already within to enter your awareness. What do you need to move aside in your life to find time and space to see and taste the feast God sets before you? What is right and good? What gives you life and joy? Those who love you, those who’ll be with you through thick and thin, memories of times when God has been palpably present and changed your life? Waking up means letting God set the agenda, not culture, conditioning, or what others may say or think.

The world is right — not because it is. Because the God who made you and loves you is. Lean into that love. Remember that old Negro Spiritual – “He’s got the whole world in his hands” — even if you can’t hold a tune, sing it – hum it to yourself today — and feel good. The world make seem, at least, a little more right.

May we find our peace in God’s goodness and love for us, Fr. Steve
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