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Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for him; do not fret over those who prosper in their way, over those who carry out evil devices. —Psalm 37:7

Dear Church Family,

Implanted within each of us is a yearning, a struggle to discover the fullness of love. It is the search for God. I remember learning this verse from Psalm 37 in the King James Version as a child — “Rest in the Lord.” Being still is a way of “rest.” For me, I slow down, stop the noise and distractions that are always present. They are a low-grade fever of worry and fear.

Once you have tasted the love and goodness of the Lord, your journey becomes that search, while in this world, for a better world. How can you search for beauty and truth unless you already know it — not in your head, but your heart and soul. They are implanted deep within you, and await us.

It’s like a distant memory of paradise you once knew, but have lost – in the noise and distractions of other things. Henri Nouwen calls paradise — innocence – the state from which we entered this world. We had to learn guilt – and it isn’t hard. Even those who love us have helped us find it.

Think of being in light before you entered into darkness – at home, before you began to search for home. That memory transcends time and space. Deep within lies what we most long for – a life stronger than death, that is not just desire and hope, but a reality of a place we already know within.

Keep searching. It’s what keeps calling to you. Do not be overcome by these times — by sadness, depression, fear. For these things pass away. They alert us and point us to faith — beyond, merely believing – into knowing that a life stronger than death already holds us. That is our true home. Some just haven’t realized it, found it, or yet awakened to what fills the emptiness. Wait – wait patiently for the Lord, who has already found you — memories of paradise you may have thought were lost. Rest in the Lord. Look not at what others have. Fret not over those whose hearts are twisted and evil. Look to the One who always holds you dearly. Be still – take a breath now.

Blessings and peace this day, Fr. Steve
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