Sunday Service Video Stream


Happy Sunday,  Saint Stephen’s Family!

Three items below for your review:

(1) Vestry members needed.  Three of the nine vestry members’ terms expire in December.  Based on information from the Diocese and the lingering pandemic, it is likely that we will not be able to hold an in-person annual business meeting this year.  Vestry members are normally elected at that meeting.  The Dioceses has given the current vestry authority to (a) to appoint three replacement members OR (b) simply not fill the vacancies.     At our October meeting, the vestry chose to appoint three replacement members.  The new three-year term will begin in January.  If you are willing to serve or wish to nominate someone, please let me or another vestry member know soon.   The vestry will appoint its new members from the nominees by secret ballot at our December vestry meeting.

(2) Stewardship.  You should have received the annual stewardship materials from Stewardship Committee Chair John Todd.  Please review and return your pledge card in a timely manner.  The vestry will be finalizing the budget over the next several weeks.  Accurate budget forecasting relies on a good return rate of pledge cards.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

(3) Sunday’s service.  Abiding by physical distancing guidelines and other safety measures, a small cast was able to produce our 35th virtual service!


Rector and Celebrant: Father Steve Teague
Crucifer: John Todd
Lay Reader: Winsome Foulkes
Organist: Mark Gibbons
Videographer: Michael Wells

You may watch the church service here:

The hymns are 376, 518, and 460.

Let’s watch the service at 11:00 am Sunday together as a church from the safety of our homes. Virtual services will continue for the foreseeable future.  We are following Diocesan service guidelines which require our county to be under certain thresholds and have stable or declining case rates.  Harnett county is still above those thresholds and the number of COVID-19 cases is currently climbing.  Stay tuned.

I look forward to seeing you in person soon!

Michael B Wells, Senior  Warden
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Erwin NC
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