Daily Gospel


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
   his mercies never come to an end; — Lamentations 3:22
Dear Beloved in Christ,

With all swirling around us right now — politics, dissension, divisions, fear and disease, the writer of Lamentations lifts us into a larger place. We can easily become distracted — lose our connection into the presence of Lord who is steadfast love. Many right now feel alone and abandoned.

In all of this the Lord waits to break through our personal darkness. If you still listen to the news, or read the newspaper, do you believe God is working through the events of our day? It’s hard. We struggle with the power of evil, of distractions that take us from God’s love — and the hope of our salvation. Yet God’s love is steadfast — ever present. Can you find room within to trust and have faith that God is love, wills your best, and when the dust settles, God’s love and kingdom will be standing? Read the day’s events through the mind and heart of God. That makes a big difference for me – where I begin.

Prayer — a key to our lives in and with the Father. It needs to be gradually more and more reality-oriented. That reality is God’s love incarnate in Jesus. Think of his presence with you right now. He lived as we, and now through the Spirit fills us with truth, our salvation – and leads us into a future that is not out of control.

Most important, pray — focus on who Jesus is, what those who wrote his words and of his deeds in the Gospels, how disciples like Paul, Jude, John, Peter — encounter Jesus as the core reality from which all things come and exist. What is not real does not belong to God, as Henri Nouwen says.

Filter each day’s events – not through the lens of the world’s version of truth. Filter them through God’s – the heart and mind of the creating Father of our Lord, Jesus. That’s the way we can hold on with faith and trust – in the steadfast mercies of divine love that hold us now — and will carry us forth. For the present time, live in the embrace of God’s steadfast love for you, your neighbor – the whole world. And let go of your worry about the rest. At least breathe deeply and take a rest – in the Lord’s love for you.

Rest in the Lord, as you can, this day…Blessings, Fr. Steve
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