Daily Gospel


I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 
Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! 
— Psalm 27: 13-14

Dear Beloved of our Lord,

In this time the church calls us to wait, I am learning to examine my wishes and disappointments. I try and release them, and make room for hope. Your life and mine are precious and meaningful to God. Too often we lose sight of that. We begin trusting lesser desires and wants to give us meaning that leave us uneasy, anxious, empty. We lose that connection of trust in God’s love that always holds you. If you’re fortunate you realize how much you miss it – or never had it.

Trusting God completely requires intention and commitment on our part – in good times and bad. It is to place our bets on hope in the Lord- that something is happening for us – not against us – that we can neither see or even imagine.

I think those who are grounded in what Henri Nouwen called radical waiting, especially waiting now — for a vaccine, a return to living “normally” where we can safely be together again, for God to answer prayers — find hope. With hope, something changes, something beyond expectation happens within. Sometimes we wait for people to change and see things “my way,” and end it frustrated they can’t “change” anyone but themselves.

Even if you look back, thinking last spring you left “the land of the living,” you haven’t and won’t. Not to diminish the importance of life and now, but what we see and experience presently – is not what we finally get. God, if we cooperate, molds us in love. Waiting in the unknown is hard. Being strong to me, means staying focused not our mortal selves and wishes which often turn into dust when we attain them, but centered in the immortal and eternal God. Give up trying to control your life or others’. Ask God to help you relax and trust Him. God molds you in love, holds you in tender compassion, removes our fears, and hands you holy hope in a future that will come, one day, somewhere, somehow.

Living this way, helps me to relax and wait, being actively present to each moment, expecting new and good things are about to happens — things we cannot predict, yet alone imagine. It is a very radical position to take, often against the world’s values — asking God to be in control, recognizing how much “I” want, the myth I create my personal security. You will see God in the land of the living – when you follow Jesus first. It takes strength and courage to wait so radically. And then the Lord comes – one day. Or you might find if you look closely – he’s already here, and is with you. And you realize, if you muster up some courage to trust his goodness, you will see his goodness.

Blessings, hang in here, encouraging each other to wait on the Lord, to open your eyes, now – Fr. Steve
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