Daily Gospel


When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
— John 8:12


Dear People of Christ,

In Christmas the theme of light is repeated often and in many ways. We put lights outdoors, lights on our trees indoors, maybe a star at the top. We looked for the Christmas Star the other night.

In this year quickly ending, we are still people walking in darkness, and always will be – until we need no longer celebrate Advent. We waited, God comes again.

Christmas offers three liturgies that concern light. The Christmas Eve service, or vigil, with the light of heavens, angel voices, to shepherds in their dark fields. The early Christmas Day service, focuses on the lowly and poor, shepherds called to the child of Bethlehem. And the last liturgy focuses on the light from the beginning, that now has come into the world in Jesus, the incarnate one.

Our Christmas readings hint of that greater light, a higher power at work than powers of this world. A king reigns through peace, generosity, gratitude to God and love for all peoples. The adult Jesus invites us from darkness that enshrouds us in this world, to follow the true light — the light of life.

How we celebrate Christmas in these days depends on where we are – in the darkness. How is the birth of Jesus bringing light to your life – what it means, and how to live it? Has the darkness of the recent months awakened a yearning for God — and your compassion with the humanity of others? Can you see by taking Jesus’ yoke, harnessing yourself with him, in humility and humbleness, living as he – a new desire to change the world, even people close around you?

We might wish and wait right now for a different world, even to escape the world If we walk that direction, we may run into Jesus walking past us — in the opposite direction. Christmas — heaven, the true light of the world has come. God is with us. As we embrace our humanity with God’s gift of light and love — the light of this world may grow a bit brighter.

Be the light of Christ where you are and where you go, to one and all, this day — Fr. Steve
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