Rector’s Corner


Pentecost: A Celebration of the Readily Available Gifts of the Spirit which is ours for the Asking

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In John’s gospel (7:38-39) Jesus speaks of the Spirit which those who believe were to receive, and then goes on to say that the Spirit had not yet come. This assertion, “that the Spirit had yet to come” seems to contradict the more that ... Continue


The Journey of Grief: A Good Friday-Easter Sunday Reflection

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Jesus announces that his “hour” had come. (John 20:23) His hour a point in His ministry. His ministry on earth is at an end and now He begins his return home to the Father after completing his mission ... Continue


God is Inescapable: Reflections of Psalm 139

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One of the challenges of the spiritual life is to find God in everyday human happenings. Too often we are tempted to believe only in ourselves for much of the time. Too many of us keep God on the margins of life, reserved ... Continue


The Parable of the Eccentric Employer: A Meditation

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Matthew 20: 1-16 The parable is a story about equal pay for unequal work. Jesus, of course, is not talking about a “Just Wage” but about the generosity and goodness of God. “The rewards of the Kingdom of God,” he is saying, “are ... Continue


Building Faith on Rock vs Building Faith on Sand

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Reflection on Matthew 7:21-27 People who build their house on sand claim to know who Jesus is. They cry out to him, ‘Lord, Lord’ and perform works, and even miracles in His name. However, the truth is that they are people who do not know Him ... Continue