Youth Sunday School

Our youth Sunday School program at St. Stephen’s is full of great children of all ages. The kids are actively participating in lessons that spark their interest in the Bible. We are using a program called Weaving God’s Promises that helps the kids learn all about the important people in the Bible and how and why they are so important for us to know about. We make lots of crafts and have programs for the congregation to see exactly what we are learning.

We have great teachers who love working with the children and plan lessons that really make the children remember and understand what they have learned. At least twice a year we have special programs to present to the congregation. Our most recent program was presented at Christmas when we reenacted the Christmas story and added a special touch to include the importance of the angels. We learned songs and made angels to show the importance of the angels in the life of the church. Our children are now learning special ways to help them remember how to pray and the importance of receiving communion.