Fr. David McGuinness,

“I was born (1943) and raised in Dublin, Ireland.  On deciding to become a priest in my early twenties I was trained and ordained a Roman Catholic Priest for the Diocese of Mobile, Alabama in 1973. 

Over the following twenty-five years I was Pastor / Rector of several parishes in Southern Alabama.  I also held part-time teaching positions in various colleges and universities teaching Religion, Philosophy and Humanities. 

In 1998 I married Madlyn and we moved to North Carolina.  Wishing to continue my Priesthood I approached Bishop Bob Johnson, of the Diocese of North Carolina, and after jumping through the various “hoops”necessary to become an Episcopal Priest, I was received into the Priesthood by Bishop Michael Curry in September, 2002.  I was  then called to be Rector of St. Stephen’s, Erwin in January, 2003. 

And it’s all been wonderful for both Madlyn and myself!”